The New England Stormwater Collaborative was formed by the New England Water Works Association, New England Water Environment Association and New England Chapter of the American Public Works Association with the objectives of EDUCATION, UNDERSTANDING, and ACTION. The collaborative works to engage the stormwater community, provide a forum for information and education exchange, and advocate sound stormwater management practices.

Each year the New England Stormwater Collaborative awards three New England Stormy Awards for the best ideas in the world of stormwater management. Nominations for 2021 awards are now open through April 1, 2022. Winners will be announced in May 2022.

The New England Stormwater Collaborative continues its efforts to identify the best stormwater work in New England. The Stormy Award program's goals are to identify simple, imaginative, unique, and inventive stormwater ideas in three categories:

    • Stormwater Management/Green Infrastructure

    • Political Support/Funding/Outreach

    • Program Efficiency/Technology

Steering Board Members: Tri-Chairs: Working Committee:

Mary Barry - NEWEA Mark Wetzel - NEWWA Mark Austin - NEAPWA

Rich Benevento - NEAPWA Kerry Reed - NEWEA Angela Blanchette - NEWEA

Mike Bonomo - NEWEA Jay Corey - NEAPWA Rob Robinson - NEAPWA

Carol Harris - NEWWA Virginia Roach - NEWEA

David Harris - NEWWA Zach Hendeson - NEWWA

Rick Merson - NEAPWA Blake Martin - NEWWA

Brad Moore - NEWEA

David Polcari - NEWWA

Adam Yanulis - NEAPWA